Research teams

Immunity and Metabolism of Diabetes

Regulation of Glycemia by Central Nervous System

Biology and pathology of the endocrine pancreas

T-cell tolerance, biomarkers and therapies in type 1 diabetes

Plasticity of gastrointestinal mucosa in nutritional pathologies and after surgery

Immunology of Diabetes

Functional pancreatic beta cell mass in rodent and human

Insulin signaling, glucose sensing and glucotoxicity

Central Control of Feeding Behaviour and Energy Expenditure

Molecular basis of several congenital or neonatal endocrine disorders and establishment of new therapeutic strategies

Physiopathology of ocular diseases – therapeutic innovations

Innate and adaptive immune pathways in autoimmunity and auto-inflammation

METABOL’IC Platform for the analysis of metabolism from the cell to the small animal

Functional Pharmacology and Pathophysiology of Membrane Receptors

Physiopathology of AMPK and AMPK-related protein kinase in diabetes and obesity

From inflammation to cancer in digestive diseases