Doctoral school

Metabolic Disorders (METOD)

coordinators Christophe Magnan and Agnes Lehuen

The Graduate School of Metabolic Disorders (METOD) is an innovative teaching program providing a broad view of metabolism-related pathologies such as obesity and diabetes. It combines teaching on: biological aspects of metabolism from the molecular mechanism to integrated physiopathology as well as stimulating reflection on the recent societal changes largely contributing to this new metabolic pandemic


The BioSPC doctoral school offers a broad choice of fields covering most disciplines of the biological sciences and a wide choice of host laboratories for the preparation of the thesis and HDR. The scientific perimeter of the BioSPC ED covers Cellular and Molecular Biology, Developmental Biology, Immunology, Infectious diseases, Genetics, Microbiology, Neurobiology, Physiology, Physiopathology, Reproduction, Ageing.