Vendredi 1er décembre 2023 (Amphi Vulpian)

9h15-9h30 Welcome

9h30-9h40: presentation of the day…

9h40-11h00: Session 1: Newcomers

  • 9h40-10h00: Benoit Viollet: Targeting AMPK and AMPK-related protein kinases to control blood glucose levels

  • 10h00-10h20: Ralf Jockers: Why study membrane receptors in type 2 diabetes and obesity ?

  • 10h20-10h40: Sonia Frendi: Role of the fatty pancreatic infiltration in pancreatic oncogenesis

  • 10h40-11h00: Raphaël Denis: Indirect calorimetry: more than just energy balance.

11h00-11h20:  Coffee break

11h20-12h00: Session 2

  • 11h20-11h40: Jeanne Navarre (PhD student, Cochin, Team A. Lehuen) : Deleterious role of MAIT cell in virus-induced type 1 diabetes.

  • 11h40-12h00: Morgane Philippe (PhD student, Cochin, Team A. Lehuen): BMAL2 circadian clock transcription factor controls inflammation and metabolic adaptation in adipose tissue during diet-induced obesity.

12h00-12h45: Invited speaker

Stefan Trapp (University College London)

Glucagon-like peptide-1 receptors in the brain: The magic target for treating obesity?

12h45-13h45: Lunch

13h45-14h45: Session 3

  • 13h45-14h05: Latif Rachdi (PhD, Cochin, Team R. Scharfmann): Tryptophan metabolism promotes immune evasion in human pancreatic β cells.

  • 14h05-14h25: Romane Bertrand (PhD Student, BFA, Team J. Movassat) : Dyrk1A as a target to regenerate B cells in the diabetic pancreas.

  •  14h25-14h45: Adrián Villalba (Post-doc, Cochin, Team R. Scharfmann): 3D analysis of endocrine cell differentiation in the developing human pancreas.

14h45-15h00: Coffee Break

15h00-16h00: Session 4

  • 15h00-15h20: François Mifsud (PhD student, BFA, Team C. Magnan): New molecular mechanisms of energy homeostasis at the primary cilium of MC4R neurons.

  • 15h20-15h40: Thais Carbinatti (3rd year PhD student, Cochin, Team C. Postic): The ChREBP-FGF21 axis controls insulin sensitivity via an inter organ dialogue.

  • 15h40-16h00: Maeva Agapoff (PhD Student, INEM, Team P. van Endert): Antigen-specific tolerogenic nanoparticles protect against insulitis and induce a partial remission in a mouse model of type 1 diabetes.

16h00-16h45: Invited speaker

Marc Donath (University of Basel)

Role of inflammation in Physiology, Pathology & Therapy of Type 2 Diabetes.

16h45-17h15 : Discussion/Conclusion